Looking for a sophisticated, more modern look for your windows? Look no further!

Banded Shades will completely transform your home into a comfortable and chic sanctuary. The

wide range of operational options set this shade apart from the rest. Many of our reliable

vendors have created their version of this tremendous window fashion. Phenomenal color and

fabric choices guarantee you will find something that you love! 

These crisp white shades tie together a light, bright, serene and clean aura in this entryway

Banded shades can be raised and lowered as with any traditional shade type. As a plus, the vanes on a banded shade can be opened for view through, closed for complete privacy, or anywhere in between. While most products will only allow you to open and close the vanes when the shade is in the fully lowered position, banded shades provide much more flexibility. The most revolutionary thing about this shade is that vanes can be opened while the shade is in any vertical position on your window.

Banded shade vane options shown here — closed position on the left, opened position on the right

Since everything we offer is completely custom made to fit your desires and window specifications, there are many options available to make the banded shades in your home unique. As a consumer you get to choose the color, band size/shape, operating system, fabric texture, and top treatment!

Geometric band styles are available instead of the linear pattern to appeal to those who want a look that’s even more modern.

These shades can be operated through a continuous loop cord, or even motorized for complete ease of use through a remote, or even an app on one of your favorite devices. Motorization can offer the opportunity to operate multiple shades at once and time the automatic opening and closing of your shades!

The cross between contemporary beauty and functionality make these shades difficult for anyone to pass up. Banded shades from any of our various vendors can be modified completely to fit the design you are looking for to turn your home into a sanctuary.