People often purchase window treatments because they want privacy, or they want to complete the look of a room. However, window treatments can be more than just window dressing. They can also be functional. As the cold winter months approach, one thing to consider when purchasing window treatments is a window covering that can help reduce energy costs.

Windows are often responsible for icy drafts in the winter. One solution is a properly fitted and installed quality honeycomb shade, which offers excellent insulation. The honeycomb cells capture the light from outside, and keep cold air from getting into the home.

Drapery is another great option to keep out the cold in the winter. With an endless number of fabric and design choices, drapery can be the perfect finish to a beautiful room, while also blocking cold. Liners can be added to provide additional draft protection, or to darken a room.

While we are talking about keeping your house warm in the winter, let’s not forget how window treatments can help keep your home cool in the summer. Products such as solar shades are designed to restrict UV rays, keeping sunny rooms from becoming saunas, and protecting furniture, flooring, paint, etc. from sun discoloration. Different levels of UV restriction are available, depending on the particular need and goal of the homeowner, or decorator. From blinds to shutters, pleated shades to honeycomb shades, there are many products that can filter the sun to keep a room from getting too warm.

The next time you are thinking of changing up your window treatments, keep these things in mind. Why not invest in a product that will not only beautify your home, but also make it more comfortable, and help cut down on heating and cooling costs? Reach out to a professional window treatment designer to find the perfect products for your home.