Design at a Distance Tips

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Design at a Distance Tips Design at a Distance Tip #1 Start with Color  Your home is your sanctuary, the place where you rejuvenate from the stress of the day, snuggle up with family and live your life. Creating your special space doesn’t need to be difficult, start by choosing a color. Think about your favorite items, a sweater, a sofa, rug or bedspread, they probably include your favorite colors. Use that as your starting point. Make sure to create a color flow from room to room. Your local paint store can help develop a color palette, once you choose a starting color. Once your color is determined you can begin designing your perfect space.  Design at a Distance Tip #2 Create Balance Choose your focal point, the visual reference, the dominate element in the room. Design and create balance around this piece, whether a sofa, fireplace, or large painting. Be sure to distribute the remaining elements in the room evenly. You can choose a symmetrical approach to your room creating a more formal look. Simply create a mirror image of the room. The first photograph uses the fireplace as the focal point creating balance with matching sofas, tables, lamps, and mirrors. Asymmetrical uses the same principals of balance but incorporates unlike elements. The second photograph also uses the fireplace as the focal point. This room creates balance using a sofa paired with two chairs, the palm tree and the orange vases flank the fireplace. The painting above the fireplace is balanced with the floral arrangement and the square artwork on the mantel. Determine your focal point and start creating balance in your room.